Press and Select Reviews

“It’s self knowingly silly and raucous. And we’re not talking punk, it’s far cuter than that with a teen Weezer faux fratboy fuzz.” – Rats on the Run

“This is another top effort – from [King Whisker]…  highly original and packed full of wonderous vocals, plus wildly excellent melodies to swim happily into.” – A N R Factory

“Television is the grunge anthem that Vedder and Cobain may have been a tad too depressed to get writing. The song and the accompanying music video show King Whisker for what they are, and ambitious group of smart-asses. – Alt 77

“A blender mix of Devo, [The] Talking Heads, and Devo…” Indie Rock Cafe

“…the band follows up with another satirically heavy single “Television”, establishing themselves and their sound as masters of sarcasm and ingenuity.” – Less Than 1,000 Followers